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Written by: Tami Wong
Illustrations by: Amanda Dowell
Recommended audience: 2-12 years old
Publisher: Black Sheep Publishing

When kids see characters with diverse body and hair types, abilities, and appearances in literature, they develop a healthy and positive self-image. This representation and acceptance of diverse appearances helps them understand that their worth is not determined by their physical qualities and their confidence shouldn’t be either. 

Hair Pride celebrates the beauty of loving and embracing our hair, no matter its colour, texture, length or style. Inspired by Tami’s own experience with alopecia starting at age fifteen, this story offers a powerful message about self-acceptance, presentation, and the beauty that lies within every child.

Hair Pride offers kids, and adults alike, the confidence to be proud of whatever is on (and inside) their heads, empowering them to feel accepted and valued. With bright, charming illustrations and a catchy chorus, this book is a heartwarming celebration of love and a reframing of true beauty and pride. 

Best Blurb: 

Black, brown, blonde, red
You're more than just what's on your head
Curly, straight, thick, thin
Your beauty comes from what's within

​Find it: HERE

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