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Written by: Megan Lammam

Illustrated by: Emily Rose

Recommended Audience: 4+​

Stories that acknowledge the “storms'' of hard feelings kids go through are essential in validating those feelings. Your Heart’s Compass explores approaching discomfort and frustration with curiosity, joy, kindness, courage and calmness. Positively channeling complex emotions is one of the most valuable tools a person can have, and this book lays that skill out simply. This story offers gentle suggestions to move through storms of big feelings. 

Taking the familiar form of a compass with emotions as the directions, two children work through both their own sibling frustrations and other conflicts. Calming illustrations offer the opportunity to personalize what joy, kindness, courage and calm mean to each child. I love the way the siblings worked together to discover where their heart compass leads. 

Author and Forest Therapy Guide Megan Lammam offers mindful conversation prompts at the end of the book great for at home or in the classroom. Kids are often the best teachers when it comes to defining joy and calm. This book encourages them to connect with their bodies and observe feelings running through their bodies, considering the rhythm of their heart.

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