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Written by: David Delisle

Illustrated by: Travis Hanson

Recommended Audience: 5+​

Teaching money mindset and financial literacy should start early. The Golden Quest: Your Journey to a Rich Life is a great way to introduce the value of money, budgeting and economy. This graphic novel is about a young boy who goes on an adventure with his dog Shelby to discover the golden rules of money. Aimed at ages 6 - 11 years the story gets kids thinking about spending, saving, investing and giving and what that means for them. 

Without using math or making budgets, this book teaches financial literacy in an accessible and entertaining way. The graphics are fun and colourful, illustrating the young boy’s quest to find the Golden Rules of Money. On his adventures to learn money mindfulness the boy meets a dragon and an alien, flies an airship, sees a whale and learns the secret to living a rich life.

This book is a great conversation starter for parents and kids to discuss the value of money and how to begin managing finances. 

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