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Jenn is the author of ‘Josie’s Busy Calendar,’ a self-care story for kids and a contributor to MomBabes: A Motherhood Anthology. Jenn is a public relations specialist and founder of WINT Communications. She is passionate about sharing stories that connect people, communities and businesses. She lives in East Vancouver with her husband, son and daughter.

Fun Fact

Jenn is on a quest to find Vancouver's best chocolate

chip cookie. This involves extensive taste testing at

every coffee shop and bakery around town.

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Josie’s Busy Calendar

Josie’s Busy Calendar is a 'self care' story for school aged kids. The story explores Josie’s anxiety as she returns to her activities and friends after spending extended time at home. The story names anxiety and explores the tummy knots kids can experience when they feel overwhelmed or anxious. We see Josie listen to her body and decide to put herself first, making time on her calendar to dream and recharge.


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