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Written by: Ramona Wildeman

Illustrated by: Lou Dahl 

Recommended Audience: 2+ All word nerds - and lovers of language

Teaching children about collective nouns enhances language skills and fosters a deeper appreciation, understanding and curiosity of the world around them.This award winning picture book lets readers discover the magic of collective nouns, which are words that describe groups of objects, people or animals. The delightfully illustrated book introduces readers to 26 collective nouns, arranged alphabetically with a mix of familiar and unique word choices. 

With bold illustrations and fun examples of intricate language like a “bevy” of quail and a “quiver” of surfboards in addition to a “siege” of herons, this book is a great conversation starter. At any age this book expands vocabulary and helps readers express themselves more precisely. Learning about collective nouns can spark children’s creativity and imagination. After reading Siege of Herons, kids can try inventing their own collective nouns for creatures or groups, encouraging them to think critically and creatively about language.

Educational and fun, this book is a delight to read over and over again. 

Best Blurb: Let's reintroduce existing collective nouns back into active language, and challenge people to think of new ones.

​Find it: HERE

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