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Hieu has worked as an educator for over 27 years. She is currently a District Principal supporting schools in the Metro Vancouver area.


Hieu wrote The Little Girl because she saw a need for our society to understand that name is identity. After watching her students change or anglicize their names to better “fit in,” Hieu decided to share her story.  The Little Girl helps us think how we welcome others who don't look like us, speak like us, or have the same cultures and histories as we do. The book has been enjoyed and read by children and adults aged 3 to 83!

Fun Fact

Hieu claims she is 5’0” in the morning before gravity weighs her down! Also, Hieu always forgets something, like her phone, or her bag, or her shoe…a shoe, who does that?!

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The Little Girl

When the little girl arrives at her new home, the guard at the border takes away a little piece of her name. Then the teacher at her new school takes away the rest. This new home is beautiful, but it's also scary. She must learn so many things: how to draw, how to read, and how to print in a strange new language. Every day, she works very hard, but will it ever be good enough? Will she ever be good enough? And how can she do all of this without her name?

Based on the true refugee experience of a Vietnamese boat family, The Little Girl illustrates how good intentions have nothing to do with the impact we have on another's wellbeing, and the painful consequences of having foreign names anglicized for the comfort of those in power.


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