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Sandip is a British born Canadian with a Sikh Punjabi heritage.  She is the youngest of six children and grew up in East Vancouver.  She lives in Surrey, BC with her husband and daughter.  Sandip loves and encourages laughter wherever she goes.

Sandip is a BIPOC children’s book author and teacher.  Sandip wrote “Ms. Chievus in the Classroom” in 2020, “Talk to Me, What Do You See? Beauty and Joy from A – Z” in 2021 and is in the process of releasing her third book.  Sandip’s books include themes surrounding inclusivity, diversity, social-emotional learning, and humour.  

Sandip has been teaching for more than 25 years in Surrey.  She was an intermediate teacher for many years and is currently the Teacher-Librarian at Sunnyside Elementary School in South Surrey where she teaches students from kindergarten to Grade 7.

Fun Fact

Sandip went skydiving at the age of 49! She also loves to play pranks on friends and family.

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Talk to Me, What Do You See? Beauty and Joy from A-Z

Sandip’s most recent book, “Talk to Me, What Do You See?  Beauty and Joy from A – Z” was illustrated by Anika Sandhu and published in March 2021. The story is an alphabet book that showcases positive things to focus on in times of despair and on a daily basis.

Sandip started writing this book three years ago, but ended up finishing it during the Covid-19 pandemic. All around, she heard people express their fear and stresses and Sandip was looking for something uplifting to focus on rather than all the negativity that was in the news.  She reflected on what she saw when she went on walks, or what she heard from her friends and family. The original story (from 3 years ago) was tweaked and completed to reflect the current time.

Sandip wanted the images to be engaging, realistic and spark some conversation, so, she reached out to her friend's daughter, Anika Sandhu, an Art History student, in Victoria, to paint the images.  Both Sandip and Anika are people who want to see more diversity in all works of art.

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Ms. Chievus in the Classroom

Division O-O is unmanageable. The students run the class and the teachers are exhausted! Upon the arrival of Ms. Chievus, things start to change...for the better or worse? Ms. Chievus in the Classroom is a fun book about self-regulation, playfulness and mutual respect.


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