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The Local Bookshelf - Four Local Authors Connecting Through One Shared Dream.

Updated: Feb 5

Have you thought about writing a children's book and have no idea where to start? So, we have all been there. We each took different paths but our journeys led us to connect with each other and, thus, The Local Bookshelf was born!

Welcome to The Local Bookshelf. We are four local BC authors who followed our dreams and published six children's books between us...with more on the way! Each of us is connected to another in some way. Lauren and Kelly went to Elementary school together and reconnected as teachers as adults. Jenn and Lauren played field hockey together growing up and Jenn and Amy have been friends for many years but were brought closer together through this sometimes lonely and confusing but always fun and exciting adventure of creating their own children's books.

While we all took different paths to get here, we all ended up at the same point. Our books are all now published and available to the world! Jenn worked with a publishing company out of the US and Amy worked with a company out of Canada, Kelly worked with a Canadian company to illustrate and formate her books but is otherwise self published, and Lauren did a combination of both. Together, we have learned many tricks to make the process more streamlined but we have also made many mistakes along the way. The Local Bookshelf has been an excellent outlet to ask questions, support each other, build a community, share jokes, share tears, vent about frustrations, make connections, and to have many brunch and coffee dates.

Welcome to The Local Bookshelf!

~ Kelly, Amy, Lauren, and Jenn

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